What is a Prospect?

A prospect is someone who is attempting to earn a right to join the club and wear the club colors as well as being a part of club meetings and activities. The purpose of having a Prospects chapter is to find members who are dedicated and loyal to the crew. You are NOT entitled to a patch. All members vote on who earns the right to wear the HHMC patch and joins the ranks as a full member. We are an exclusive club. We are not a club with two hundred members like you may have seen before. It is a privilege to wear our patch.

What is your job as a Prospect?

Your job as a prospect is to prove to all Club members that you have earned your right to ride with us. This includes, but is not limited to, displaying exceptional loyalty and staying active within all Club endeavors.

Rules and Guidelines for Prospects

  • You MUST add the First Five members on Social Club and on PSN. It's encouraged that you add all members also. Social Club and PSN names for all members can be found on the Members page.
  • Read all of the content on this website. Especially the club rules and riding formations.
  • Create an account on our website to keep up with news on the forums.
  • Remain respectful of your superiors. This includes all patched members.
  • It is required that you have at least one bike when riding with the club. We encourage members to ride all types of motorcycles including cruisers, sport bikes, and dirt bikes.
  • We are a motorcycle club. You should be on your bike when you're with members of the club unless specified otherwise.
  • Set your active crew as HHMC Prospects and wear the patch on your back.
  • Hellhounds MC must be the only MC crew of which you are a member.
  • Do your best to attend Church and ride with other members as much as possible.

If you follow these rules & guidelines, ride with the club regularly, and keep a positive attitude, earning your patch should not be difficult.

How long does a prospecting period last?

The minimum duration of being a Prospect is one week. The more you ride with us and prove that you want to earn your patch, the sooner you can do so. You are constantly being evaluated by members and you'll be voted on at the end of each week before Church. 

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