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The President is the leader of the Club. He is the clubs figurehead and is usually the spokesman when dealing with other clubs, police, or media.

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The Vice President is second in charge, and fills in when the President is away. He is often the heir apparent to the Club's leadership although this isn’t always the case. It’s his job to make sure that matters passed at Club meetings are carried out satisfactorily.

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The Sgt. at Arms is the Club's head of security. He enforces procedures and maintains order at Club meetings. The Sgt. at Arms is in charge of the Enforcers, and is responsible for attacks on rivals.

The Treasurer is in charge of organizing money and vehicles into club members possession. If club members need money, a bike, a car, or RP, the Treasurer documents the request and makes arrangements to complete it.

The Secretary is responsible for the Club's paperwork. He keeps notes of meetings and records dates of significant events. It’s his job to keep members informed of upcoming events and rules. 

The Road Captain manages the club's logistics during club rides, especially during Church meetings. He plans, coordinates, and maps out the ride and rides in the front of the formation with the President.

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The Enforcers are role models for all Club Members. It is their responsibility to ensure all Club Members are not in breach of Club Rules. They have demonstrated exceptional conduct, ability, and dedication. 

Patched Members

Patch-holding members fill in the remaining ranks within the club. They demonstrate to Prospects what it takes to earn the right to wear the HHMC patch.


Prospects of the club are not yet full member. They vow to prove their loyalty to the club with the goal of earning their patch. During club rides, they ride in the rear of the formation behind all patched members

See the Prospects page for more info on how to join.

Lifetime Member


This guy is the club's mechanic. He's the guy who puts Bondo over your bullet holes, changes the toilet paper roll in the restroom, mops up all of the blood, sweeps up the Redwood cigarette butts, and throws away all of our Piswasser bottles. All week he works on that same gas pump but can't seem to get it fixed. Anyway, if you need a punching bag or a drinking buddy look no further.