General Rules

1. Club Members are your brothers. Never attack them. If you mistakenly do so, notify them of your mistake.

2. Hellhounds MC must be your active crew.

3. You may not be a member of any other MC.

4. Wear the club patch. Any member not wearing the crew emblem will face disciplinary action. 

5. Always ride in proper formation during club rides.

6. Listen to the superiors listed on the Hierarchy page. 

They're known as the "First Five" and include the President, Vice President, Sgt at Arms, Secretary, and Treasurer.

7. We allow all types of motorcycles to be ridden with the crew. Cruisers, choppers, and sport bikes are all welcomed.

       Customize your bike however you like. Your bike is your identity, express yourself.

       If you need a bike, the club will be more than happy to help you find one.

8. Respect your brothers' bikes. If they get knocked over, pick them back up.