Club meetings will be held once a week. Your attendance is important to the development of the Club. Here we will go over multiple topics and vote on potential endeavors. Church is a formal gathering of Club Members. Attendance, conduct, and attitude will be noted by Club Leaders at all times. All members will have a chance to ask questions and make comments during Church. Please wait for the appropriate time to address the Club.

The Clubhouse

Our clubhouse is located inside the LS Customs office, South of the Sandy Shores Airfield, North of the Redwood Lights track. It is circled on the map below.

Riding Formations

When riding together, we will follow a specific riding formation.

The Two Abreast Formation (Shown Below)

In this formation, the President will be at the front of the pack along with the Road Captain. Behind them will be the Vice President and the Sergeant at Arms side by side, followed by the Treasurer and Secretary side by side, and two Enforcers side by side. Finally, Patched Members will fill in the remaining ranks and all Prospects will fall in to the rear.