About Us: The Hellhound Philosophy

Hellhounds Motorcycle Club is a Grand Theft Auto Online crew. Unlike most other GTA Online motorcycle clubs, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We don't get into petty fights with other crews for stupid reasons. Minding our own business and enjoying the game together with our brothers is what we strive for.

Our crew emblem is what we call our "patch." It was created by one of our own members is a demonstration of our self-sufficiency. Like real-life motorcycle clubs we wear our patch on our back to represent our brotherhood. The top rocker of our patch sports our crew's name. The bottom rocker shows our "territory" which is San Andreas. The "BC" patch stands for Blaine Country, where our clubhouse is located. The "MC" patch of course stands for Motorcycle Club. In the center of our patch is the Hound, the heart of our club.

Every HHMC member wears his patch like a badge of honor. Prospects of the club do their best to earn the right to wear the patch on the back of their jacket. 

Hellhounds MC was founded by NBcuber and Leppelin on December 13, 2013. Quickly after conception, Eat_a_Book and CASEY_CADAVER were brought aboard to be the club's Sergeant at Arms and Secretary. Shortly following that, Tmoney was found to be the best fit for Treasurer spot. ViperDaemon and Spartan were also an easy choice to become the club's Enforcers. 

NBcuber eventually decided it would be best for him to resign and give the President's seat to Leppelin and the Vice President's seat to Casey.